Digital iPSC Technology

In 2012, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of iPSCs and their creation technology. Using patient iPSCs, research into pathological conditions and therapies has advanced. However, with the current approach, the disease state is already progressing in the body even while attempting to verify the establishment of a cure. The research of the founding scientist of Time Prediction, Inc., Haruhisa Inoue, has created the possibility of predicting disease states in the absence of disease through "digital iPSC technology," which combines accelerated digital technology and patient iPSCs. Time Prediction, Inc. was established as a venture company aiming to give back to society by transforming it into a disease-free society through the fusion of patient iPSCs and digital technology.
Through the convergence of patient iPSCs and digital technology, we will:
1.predict disease status, 2.avoid pathological conditions, and 3.use sustainable medical resources.